Maugan Gaming – founded by Panic and LFB – 2008

Our History
Maugan was founded in 2008, originally as Crazy Clan.
It started out as a Counterstrike Source (CSS) clan with 3 main teams at one point, we then moved to CS GO. At our height we were an extremely active guild, but as years have gone by and we have grown up most of us now have lives, wives and work.
Our guild now stands for fun and playing games when we can with friends. We have fun nights which are currently too few (as our organiser has just had a child, well his girlfriend technically had it…) and a meet up every year (sometimes twice or thrice a year), which you are welcome to join – lots of beer and fun. We encourage people to be as active as they can and we play many different games, so if you fancy playing something put up a post or PM me and I will help you find people who play the game.
Just enjoy your time here and do not be afraid to speak up and join our voice channels on discord.