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Awesome Edinburgh

Our 14th (thanks to Joe our stats tracker) meet up was in Edinburgh and it did not disappoint. We all had a great time and think it was because we only stayed out to around 4am and did not do any shot runs, so we enjoyed both nights.

Joe was on top form with his many stats and although we were missing some key members (who know who they are) we still did Maugan proud by getting completely wasted and dancing until we dropped.

We also had a first this year of several losses including glasses, coats and even a wedding ring (that was later found in someone’s pocket, but we will mention no names).

Most mentionable was the attendance of Brian and Aak after many years of non-attendance – they were exceptionally funny and hopefully now secured in attendance for future events. Also it was Zoomer’s first time and as a virgin to Maugan meet-ups blended in very well (just as we do on teamspeak).

Cannot wait for the official trip to Leuven next year and some unofficial trips to Vienna and Dublin.