Maugan Gaming – founded by Panic and LFB – 2008


Looking forward to the release of Battlefield 1 - several members have pre-purchased or will purchase on general release as we look to make a comeback into the Battlefield arena. Loved the horseback riding especially knocking people off the ridge with your horse - very much looking forward to making this into a memorable

Our 14th (thanks to Joe our stats tracker) meet up was in Edinburgh and it did not disappoint. We all had a great time and think it was because we only stayed out to around 4am and did not do any shot runs, so we enjoyed both nights. Joe was on top form with

Come and join us for a Maugan fun night where we have quite a few drinks and shout at each other whilst trying to shoot people on many different games - you know you want to! For one night only we will be getting drunk and shooting each other. We want to try and

We have been having several issues with our multiplay server as of late with them generally being unhelpful or writing client commands on server side *sighs*. Because everybody liked the server itself when it was working, we decided to keep going for another year with the server. However if we continue to have

As we wind down for the holiday season I just want to wish all members and public followers a happy holiday and enjoy the festive season - all the leaders and members shall raise a glass to and see you in the New Year.

Maugan goes from strength to strength. We have picked up some great members of late and Maugan's blood is flowing back into it's veins. We are now slowing down recruitment to only those that we want to bring in. We will never say no to any member we see as funny as Maugan